Helping Hands  

Helping Hands Services

Spring/Regular Service Details

Vacuuming all the floors and carpets
Wiping all the woodwork:
  – Baseboards      – Chair rail
  – Molding            – Door frames
  – Doors                 – Window frames
  – Ledges               – Shelving
Cleaning all the light fixtures/lamps/shades
Cleaning all the blinds/shutters
Cleaning all the ceiling fans
Wiping all the light switches
Cleaning all the bathrooms
  – Shower       – Tub
  – Toilet          – Sink
  – Wiping the cabinet
Wiping all the cabinets in the kitchen
Cleaning in/out kitchen appliances
  – Microwave        – Stove
  – Refrigerator      – Oven
Dusting all the furniture (including legs)
Dusting all the fireplaces
Vacuuming all upholstered furniture
Vacuuming under all sofa and chair cushions
Mopping all the floors
Sweeping and removing cobwebs from front and back porch


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